How to Make a Five Nights at Freddy's Sun/Moon Costume | Cosplay Guide

How to Make a Five Nights at Freddy's Sun/Moon Costume | Cosplay Guide

Looking to create your own Daycare Attendant cosplay of Sun and/or Moon from Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach? Whether you refer to them as Sun and Moon, Sundrop and Moondrop, Sunny, The Daycare Attendants, or any of the other million names they have, we all can't deny their character designs are just so fun!

Luckily, I'm a bit of a FNAF fanatic and have cosplayed these characters myself. Let's dive into this together as I walk you through a layer-by-layer breakdown with resources, references, and ideas along the way.

Without any further delay let's dive into the costumes of our favourite Daycare Attendant(s). We'll start at the top and work our way down.



For our DIY enthusiasts, the mask is a chance to really show off your creativity. I've seen cosplayers use fidget spinners to make the mask actually spin, handpainted cardboard, EVA foam, and so many more materials.

I offer a basic blueprint of Sun and Moon's mask which is meant for you to use as a base and express yourself in material, paint job, etc.

However, consider when wearing this to a convention if visibility is a concern. A large mask can impede how well you see, so if this is an issue you can always play around with makeup!


When I made our sun and moon costumes for PetePepsi and me, we went for a clown-like makeup design taking inspiration from the mask but adding our own spin to it.


Here's a look into my original makeup face chart for my Moon cosplay. Note the details such as very prominent blush and white freckles to represent stars.


Custom Fabric

If you're looking to get some custom fabric and take your costume to the next level, I offer custom-printed fabric. This isn't the only way to detail your pants. Paint, heat transfer vinyl, and applique are three of many other options to add detail to your fabric.

You also don't always have to adhere to their in-game appearances completely. Some of my favourite cosplays experiment and have fun with their fabric choices.



The puffy pants and vest for Sun and Moon are a perfect sewing project for beginners. The elasticated waist of the pants and loose-fitting vest allow for a lot of ease for newer sewists. I offer a Sun and Moon Pattern in sizes XS-3X that you can print at home and get started sewing almost instantly.

If you're making this costume for a child you will need to size down the XS size. For a 10-year-old child, customers have told me they found 75% of the original size to be perfect. Use that as a guideline!


One of the best ways to accessorize a cosplay is with a matching prop! The iconic noisemakers instantly drew me in when I initially was deciding on patterning these characters, so of course, I also created blueprints for life-sized versions of the in-game distractions.

And with that, we've broken down every layer of Sun and Moon's costume. Hopefully, this guide was helpful and we can't wait to see you rock this costume for Halloween, Comicon, or whatever event awaits!

If this is your first time reading one of my guides, hi! I’m Payton and I run a business dedicated to helping cosplayers of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels create the cosplays of their dreams. You can check out my entire catalogue of products here.

Thanks so much for reading and if this guide helps you, consider sharing it with a friend or sending me photos of your finished cosplay.


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