Who is CosPayton?

CosPayton is an award-winning self-taught cosplayer, photographer, and pattern maker with over a decade of cosplay and theatre experience under their belt. As a baby cosplayer making Winter Soldier arms out of leggings and fun foam, Payton was shocked at the lack of cosplay-specific resources at the time. A lot of cosplayers were flying solo and winging it, Payton included.

Flash forward 8 years, in 2021, Payton took the leap and started “CosPayton Cosplay + Crafting,” a one-stop pattern shop for new and experienced cosplayers alike. After releasing their first pattern, a Wanda Maximoff headpiece, Payton was floored at the overwhelmingly positive reception from the cosplay community.

In the present day, CosPayton creates cosplay resources full time, priding themself on providing inclusive sizes, character-specific resources, and free support.

Payton proudly has created hundreds of products to help thousands of cosplayers, Halloween enthusiasts, and more experience the joy of becoming their favourite characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take commissions?

As a matter of fact, I do! You can visit my commissions page for more information.

How did you make [insert cosplay]?

Oftentimes it's too hard to explain in a short paragraph, haha!

I recommend checking out my shop to see if a pattern is available, and if not you can contact me to ask further questions.

Can you attend "X" convention?

First of all, I'm absolutely flattered, but as an independent business owner on an artist's salary my convention appearances are limited to a few staples in Ontario, Canada.

If you want to see me at a future convention (especially ones outside of Ontario) please reach out to the convention and let them know. You never know... I may end up as a guest at a con near you!