How To Make a Jinx Costume from Arcane | Cosplay Guide

How To Make a Jinx Costume from Arcane | Cosplay Guide

Breaking down how to cosplay Jinx's latest design from "Arcane" can be a daunting process. She has tons of detail in such a deceptively "simple" costume, but fear not! I, Payton, have your back through this journey and have done the research for you.


In this blog, I'll go over some of the options you have on how to source each piece and make them yourself or buy them online (or even locally).


Jinx's wig is daunting at first. She has a LOT of hair in a very specific colour which is often hard to find. Lucky for you though, I've got two recommendations on wigs that with a little TLC can work great!

First up is this wig from Cosplay Buzz (pictured). This wig is made specifically to be for Jinx and is a lacefront. Lacefront wigs allow you to have a more natural hairline and usually are made of higher quality fibres than a non-lace front (not always though).

Next up we have the "Delilah" from Arda Wigs in the colour CL-032 or "Electric Blue." This wig is a hard front, but rest assured Arda Wigs is one of the best wig companies around and knows how to make a great wig for cosplayers. The colour is also bluer than teal, which makes it a great option for those who don't love the teal of the CosplayBuzz wig.


Jinx's costume looks deceptively simple, but the more you get into small details the more complex it gets. Luckily, to save you the hassle of patterning it all, I have a pattern for her entire costume! This includes Jinx's shirt, pants, belt, and gloves with instructions on how to assemble each section

If sewing isn't your forte, you can always thrift pieces and alter them to work for what you want. Jinx's top can be a cut tank top with some shower curtain grommets in it and her pants can be a pair of jeans painted with fabric paint.

Finally, if buying her costume, Miccostumes or DokiDoki are the ways to go. Both have great reputations for making good costumes at an affordable price point. Beware though, depending on where you live they may take a while to ship, so if you're in a rush, consider skipping this option for now.


For Jinx's boots, she wears these chunky combat boots with armour details on them. I'd highly recommend thrifting a pair of boots, especially since once you add the armour they stop being "every day" boots (unless you're awfully brave).

For the armour on her boots, I'd recommend this pattern from AmariCosplay on Etsy. While I don't have experience using it personally, I've heard great things from other Jinx cosplayers.


For Jinx's tattoos, there are three methods I'd recommend. The first method is creating armsocks. I used this method for my Simon Laurent cosplay and it saved SO much time in not having to painstakingly paint on the tattoos each time.

The second method is using water-based body paint and drawing it on. You could use eyeliner and eyeshadow, but bodypaint is going to give you a much brighter and more pigmented result with less product. A brand like Mehron would work best, but keep one thing in mind: sweat.

If you're wearing this costume to a convention, especially in the summer, water-based body paint may cause issues depending on how your body handles the heat. Try a test run first at home before the convention and see how it holds up.

Finally, the last method for her tattoos is using printable tattoo paper. This works just like how those temporary tattoos you got as a kid do, except you can use your own designs!


Kinpatsu Cosplay has designed a pattern that is meant for this method and I would highly recommend anything from her shop. She's wonderful!

And with that... you're ready to take on the cosplay world and become Jinx! Best of luck and if you want to show me photos of your cosplay, reach out to me on Instagram or Tiktok!

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