How to Make a Vi Costume from Arcane | Cosplay Guide

How to Make a Vi Costume from Arcane | Cosplay Guide

"So... you're obsessed with Arcane."
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It's okay, so am I. So obsessed in fact that I can't even decide who to cosplay. However, you seem to have made up your mind and want to cosplay Vi, so let me help you out!

We're going to break the costume up into a few parts:

  • Undershirt
  • Jacket
  • Wig
  • Pants
  • Accessories

Without wasting any time, let's get into it!


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Vi's undershirt is a multi-layered tank top. Depending on the version you look at it either has a pointed collar or a hood.

If you're a stickler for accuracy and want to sew it yourself, you can do so with stretch fabric. I have a pattern for her shirt up on my shop here that is a great pattern for beginners and intermediate sewists alike.

If you're not much of a sewist, you can still create her top through one of my favourite methods: thrifting and modifying. You can cut the sleeves off of a navy blue shirt or hoodie and overlay a white tank top over it. The details on her top can be created with EVA foam painted silver as well.


Other than her giant fists, one of Vi's most iconic costume pieces is her red jacket. It's a red cropped jacket with rolled-up sleeves and patches on each shoulder. The jacket also has some black piping/trim details around the sleeves and the front.

Just like Vi's shirt, I also have a pattern up for her jacket here! This jacket is a bit more complex of a make than the top, using a lot of techniques. However, all patterns come with an illustrated tutorial book guiding you along every step and I'm also only one message away!

If choosing not to sew, look for a red leather jacket to use as a base and modify. Vi's jacket has some darker red sections, which can be painted using leather paint.

One of my favourite brands for leather paint is Angelus, but if you cant find it in your country, Michaels usually stocks Leather Studio paints.

For Vi's patches, I was able to find some on Etsy made by GeekyPatches.


Luckily, there are plenty of options for all sorts of price points and skill levels when it comes to wigs.


If you're looking for high-quality wigs that need styling and/or trimming, I'd recommend these two from Arda Wigs:

Rufio in "(CL-078/CL-006) Black Sides/Raspberry Hawk"
Jess in "(CL-009) Rose Pink"


For a more cost-affordable option that is already pre-styled, check out this wig from DokiDoki 


Vi wears a pair of muted striped pants with many belts. These pants can be thrifted if you're lucky enough to find pants that work, or you can paint stripes using fabric paint. These pants really are one of the easier parts of her costume!

The belts can be made from fabric scraps, EVA foam, or thrifted pieces. Nobody is going to criticize you if your belts arent "100% accurate" so just have fun with them!


For Vi's arm bandages, I found this amazing tutorial on Tumblr for making arm wraps that don't unwrap. If you aren't interested in sewing, you can always just wrap your arms in gauze and use some eyeshadow or paint to weather them.


The only worry about wrapping your arms is that, as you guessed, they can easily unwrap. You can fix this using safety pins, glue, etc. Just please don't super glue or hot glue anything to your skin :')

If you want to take on making her massive gauntlets, there are plenty of patterns on Etsy here


And with that, we've come to the end of my deep dive into Vi's costume from Arcane! I hope this gave you a good jumping-off point and you feel ready to tackle your own cosplay.

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Happy Making!

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