Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a .zip or .rar file?

Many of my patterns and resources come as .zip files in order to save space and allow for easy downloading. These files require being "unzipped" to view the contents inside. 


If on Windows, please download Winrar to open and extract files. Winrar can be downloaded for free here


For Mac, please download Unarchiver to open and extract files. Unarchiver can be downloaded for free here

Mobile Phones

On Mobile phones you should be able to extract any pattern with a simple tap. Depending on the phone, you may need a specific app. However due to the method of printing, I would recommend using a computer

How many yards of fabric do I need?

The amount depends from pattern-to-pattern and is based on size and fabric width.

Many of my patterns include a yardage estimate within the instruction booklet, but if not, please email me at for an estimate.

I saw a pattern was updated, do I need to purchase again to get the new files?

You do not! All my patterns come with a lifetime of free updates.

Sometimes that means changes to fix accuracy mistakes as more images of a costume come out, or to expand the size range.

To obtain an updated pattern, please email me at

What's the difference between a pattern and a blueprint?

A pattern includes fabric estimates, multiple sizes, illustrated instructions, and generally are made as step-by-step guides.

On the contrary, blueprints are meant to be guides for you to express your own creativity. They often feature a flat pattern of a prop, but no included instructions or materials list.

Do you make everything in house?

I always try to make things in house when possible, it's one of my favourite parts of the business, after all!

Almost every item is made-to-order with the exception of textiles, certain buttons, and certain stickers.

When possible, I out-source to Canadian-based small businesses such as Art of Where (textiles) or People Powered Press (buttons).

How does your custom fabrics work?

Upon placing your order, I turn around and place an order with my supplier. From there, they manufacture and quality check your order and ship it to you directly. This means that depending on location, your order may ship out from a different warehouse in either Canada or the United States.

Any other non-fabric order from CosPayton will ship separately from Ontario, Canada

3D Files and Kits

I don't have a 3D printer, can you print [X] for me?

Absolutely! If you don't see one of our 3D files listed as a kit, contact us and we'll get back to you within a week to discuss price and shipment.

My 3D file won't print properly, help!

I totally understand, 3D printers are finicky! Unfortunately, I often may not have knowledge on your specific 3D printer, but if you contact me I can see what's possible.

This printer troubleshooting guide is also a lifesaver, check it out!

What is a 3D printed kit?

3D printed kits are unpainted, unsanded, and unassembled raw prints. Pieces have supports removed and are lightly cleaned up.

They will require assembly to become a finished prop. Paint, glue, and other materials are not included with your purchase.

How do I finish my 3D kit?

Many kits come with supports already removed, but I always recommend double checking and removing any leftover supports with a pair of pliers.

You can then choose to

  • Paint your kit as-is
  • Sand it Smooth
  • Use a resin such as XTC-3D to smooth the print for you.

These are up to personal preference, abilities, and time, but for the smoothest finish I recommend methods 2 or 3. For the fastest finish, 1 is always your best bet.

Remember, no matter what, to prime and seal your paint! It will chip off the PLA plastic otherwise.

Can I request a custom colour for my kit to be printed in?

Sure, feel free to add a request into the order notes section at checkout. I can't always guarantee fulfillment of your request, but I'll try my best!

Fully coloured kits such as nametags will come printed in specific colours as pictured.

Still Got Questions?